Meet the founder of the Kingdom School of Ministry and Lion of Light Ministries, Stephen Powell! Stephen has dedicated his life to seeing people transformed through the gospel of Jesus Christ. He lives to see the kingdom of God advance around the world, and train and equip the body of Christ with sound biblical teaching & a tangible impartable anointing of the Holy Spirit. Stephen also specializes in "mentorship ministry" & "coaching", to help kingdom-minded people build an intimate relationship with God, develop their spiritual gifts, & reach their full potential in life!

Since being visited face to face by Jesus at nineteen years old He has carried a powerful anointing for healing & the prophetic on his life. He has traveled extensively over the years as a revivalist, seeing outpourings of the Spirit and extended meetings in multiple nations around the world. In light of new revelations and visitations from the Lord, Stephen has shifted his ministry to focus more on apostolic and prophetic equipping, to help prepare the bride of Christ for the last days outpouring. Stephen currently resides in Maricopa, Arizona with his wife Amanda and their four children.

What You Can Expect From Our School

The Kingdom School of Ministry specializes in helping members of the body of Christ deepen their experiential walk with God, and out of that deep intimate walk with God we teach our students how to develop their spiritual gifts and walk in the glory as manifested sons and daughters. The whole earth is groaning for the manifestation of mature sons and daughters (Rom.8:19-23) that walk in intimate fellowship with the Father like Jesus did while on the earth in human form. Through intimacy with the Holy Spirit, immersion in the Word of God, developing the anointing, & exercising the gifts of the Spirit, you can be a part of this end-time move of prophetic miracle-workers who know God and make him known! God will have his wonder-working bride at this end of this age that will make straight the way of the Lord through demonstrating the gospel of the kingdom with power, and when you enroll in the Kingdom School of Ministry you will be trained, equipped, and mentored to join this special company that God is raising up for such a time as this!

There are two payment options for attending our school and taking our courses. You can pay a low monthly or annual membership fee to become a full time KSM student, and gain access to all our current courses, as well as future ones that are uploaded. Or, you can pay for the courses individually if you choose. To become a member, click the "Enroll Now" button below. To pay for the courses individually, click on the course you're interested in below, or press "View All Products".